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Ald. Reilly Puts The Brakes On Wolf Point

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In a surprising twist, Ald. Brendan Reilly is balking on his earlier support of the $1B Wolf Point proposal. As you may recall, he expressed enthusiasm for the project after winning some key concessions from developer Hines Interests. Now, per a recent press release, he's decided to put the whole shebang on hold a day before a hearing with the Chicago Plan Commission. Why the sudden change of heart? Reilly claims the developer made significant changes to the plan that were not previously agreed upon (can you say 1,800 hotel rooms?): "The final documents submitted to the city did not accurately reflect the significant changes to the proposal that [I] negotiated on behalf of [my] constituents in the River North and Fulton River District neighborhoods." More to come! [Reilly Reports, previously]