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For $4.35M: Lincoln Park New-Build Employs Antique Design

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Drawn to the grandiose new-build with dizzying asking price? Rather not pile in with the nouveau riche at a place like Lincoln Park 2550? Here's a clone of those "custom" single-family homes on a proper Lincoln Park block close by. The limestone five-bed compiles a ton of antique-y finishes in its 6,120 square feet, like solid mahogany doors with bronze hardware, stained glass, plank cherry flooring, marble flooring, mahogany crown molding, and a 5-story mahogany staircase. And since you're not about to pay $4.35M for a fifth-floor walkup, there's an elevator too. Amenities, while they don't rival Lincoln Park 2550, still include four fireplaces, rec room, sauna, wet bar, heated floors, balcony, and garage-top terrace. If you're expecting a back yard, we would be too. Guess you'll have to wait til a neighbor sells.
·Listing: 2540 N Burling St. [Pyramid Realty Group]