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Is Big Change Brewing for Wilson Men's Hotel in Uptown?

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We have it on good authority that some sort of reuse and/or rehab plan is shaping up for an unpopular SRO hotel near the Wilson CTA Station. Uptown Update read it in the newsletter of Manske Dieckmann Thompson architects (MDT). The firm has been contracted "by Bomberg Property Management to study alternative uses and exterior upgrades for the Wilson Men's Hotel." The improvement pictured above is just one possible outcome of a facelift for the four story dormitory-style long-stay hotel.

Interestingly, although the hotel is three doors down from the Wilson Station, the CTA hasn't indicated it will involve the building in its massive $200M station reconstruction— probably because it isn't historic enough. That leaves it to private developers or the current affordable housing property manager who may or may not improve on present conditions. One Uptown Update commenter references prior interest from Truman College, located across the street. It would certainly lend itself to student dorm use. If any of our readers can confirm or refute that, your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Or, since we're getting all extra speculative, perhaps it'll go way upmarket like other SROs throughout the city already have.
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