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Buy One of These Properties & Bag a Last Minute Turkey

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In honor of Thanksgiving our friend Ryan Nickum at Estately compiled a definitive list of upstate properties that lend themselves to wild turkey hunting. We've listed them below, with our own two cents. Best of all, they're accessible. No North Shore estates here. So, with 24 hours til feed time, it's still theoretically possible to snatch one up and get to hunting! One can dream.

Down in Frankfort, this 2-bed charmer sits on the market, along with 3 acres. The claim to wild turkey sightings could just be a clever way to heighten intrigue among country folk, but heck, may as well get that hunting expedition together! The ask: $223K.

The farthest flung of our turkey land grabs, this Marseilles, IL 3-bed is still just a couple hours' drive to the big Chi. And it's made of Lincoln Logs, for Pete's sake! Buy this place immediately and all the rustic awesomeness, array of terraces, and 24 acres can be yours for Turkey Day. Tired of turkey? Quail is known to make an appearance for those with refined palates. The ask: $500K.

This 2/2 ranch home in Seneca, IL has 20 acres of woodland in which to freely assassinate wildlife. Deer, turkey, and rabbits just "wander on through". They'll never see you coming. For your less bloodthirsty side, try out the fruit trees, private pond, and above-ground pool. The ask: $219K.

To the north now, in delightful Woodstock (not the one with all the hippies), this 4/3.5 new-build on a "picturesque" 9-acre country estate offers the most house of this listing set. And proximity to both Chicago and Milwaukee is a plus. The property's "awesome" fishing and "abundant" wildlife includes the beast of the hour, Mr. Turkey. Shoot one or wrestle one into submission and drown it in the swimming hole. The ask: $299K.

A 4-bed farm house on a private road is what you'll ostensibly be shelling out for, but the real allure is the hunting, fishing, and canoeing all in your back yard. The 4-acre property also boasts some lazy-ass turkeys, deer, geese, and ducks known for lounging in the front yard! The ask: $129,900.

The priciest of the crop by a country mile, this 3/2 Morris abode and adjoining pair of 7.5-acre lots is primed for a "private hunt club". The listing tries to make the case for its "resort" or weekend getaway" potential. Unfortunately, a lot of rehabbing and construction is needed first. The ask: $975K.