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Buildings Get Chewed Up in Wake of the Shops on Fremont

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We'd heard demolition was about to strike at the future site of Clybourn Corridor's Shops on Fremont. Happily, a tipster has just delivered photographic confirmation that the collection of old single-story buildings at Fremont and Weed are being eaten from the inside out. Just look at those backhoes going to town like a flesh-eating bacterium! It's good to have friends in high places— a street-level perspective wouldn't have done much good. You're witnessing the next stage in CRM Properties' transformation of 2.5 acres of development parcels into retail agglomerations. The relocation of an Off-Track Betting outpost cleared the way for demolition and development of 50,000 square feet of low-slung retail space just south of CRM's under-construction 15,000-square-foot building destined to house a Williams-Sonoma and Anthropologie. Click here to see more-or-less what it oughta look like. The developer of the adjacent mega Whole Foods, CRM has a stranglehold on the immediate area and its future character.
·The Shops on Fremont Coverage [Curbed Chicago]
·Photo Credit: Kevin Ludden