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Ho-Hum Lincoln Park New-Build Masks Basement Pool, Jacuzzi

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People can spend a lot of money on the semblance of luxury, propagated by grand marketing claims or outlandish finishes. This single-minded Lincoln Park 5/5 home was built in 2005 to deliver to a buyer the very real luxury of owning an indoor pool. As we observed nearly two years ago, the builder seems to have sacrificed fine finishes for the greater good. But in all fairness, the structure was conceived for multi-unit use. Now being sold as a single-family, the place does have some very nice hardwood flooring, four fireplaces, and a sleek master bath. There's also some odd but interesting built-in shelving and a plethora of outdoor balcony/terrace space. Elevator? Check. Square footage is a brash 5,200— almost the norm for Lincoln Park new builds. That includes the serene 800-square-foot basement pool house with jacuzzi and wood-clad walls. The property has been on and off the market for about four years. Before de-listing in mid-summer, the home was asking $1.499M. Now, it's back as a short sale for $1.265M. Let the fun resume!
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