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Magnificent Ukie Village Victorian Sells For 43% Below '09 Ask

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It took three-and-a-half years, but the splendid Hoyne Ave Victorian just south of "Beer Baron Row" has sold. Positioned as a two-flat yearning to be returned to "your dream mansion" (even though it's only 3,000 square feet), the well-preserved 1885 four-bed began its listing saga in April 2009 with an ask of $1.85M. When we wrote about it in January 2011 it was asking $1.25M, where it remained until closing last week for $1.055M. Despite photographic limitations, it's clear there are some arresting features within this perky old customer: the antique fireplace; original woodwork and stained glass; master bed w/ marble sink; and a bridge to a garage top deck. This quality at this location for one mil? This buyer better be dancing in the street.
·Listing: 1137 N Hoyne Ave [Lake View Realty]
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