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Developer Reconfigures City Hyde Park As One Larger Building

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City Hyde Park developer Antheus Capital/Silliman Group scored a major TIF subsidy last month to put the project on the fast track to a 2014 completion. But there are still surprises in store: a new crop of renderings show consolidation of two buildings into one, with the 182-unit count remaining untouched. Silliman's Peter Cassel confirms the design shift with Curbed. What was the smaller of two buildings now has a broader footprint, a few extra stories, and a reorientation to the north side of the site at 51st and Lake Park Ave. The 20-story tower is kaput. While this greatly alters the feel of the project, it'll still have the same effect on the neighborhood: another big retail presence a mere block from the Harper Court revamp, lots of new parking, and new residential density. Studio Gang's design is as lively as ever with its rippling Juliette balconies, tetris aesthetic, and cantilevered base. But we can't help feeling that the podium is now drastically out of proportion. A tip o' the hat to Spyguy at Skyscaper Page for the rendering reveal.
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City Hyde Park

1501 E. Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago, IL 60615