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Luxury Real Estate: $15M Sale In Park Tower

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Some buyers know good a thing when they see it. Take this 7,900-square foot penthouse in Park Tower, which sold for $15M the very same day it listed. That might just set a record for the least amount of time a property north of $10M has spent on the market. It most certainly set the record for the city's all-time priciest condo sale. The 66th floor condo clocked in at $1,899/square foot, which is a shocker even for Park Tower. Even more shocking is the fact that the seller bought it for just $3.316M in 2000, likely as raw space, according to Chicago Mag's Dennis Rodkin. The sold-before-print listing doesn't bother with interior shots, so there aren't many specifics to fuss over. But it's not hard to conjure up workable visions of 360 degree panoramic views, 16-foot ceilings, and a 44'x15' private terrace. Cha-ching! [Coldwell Banker]