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Cornerspotted: Grand Boulevard at 35th, Pre-MLK

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So far no CornerSpotter editions have touched off low blows or name calling in the comments. And we're thankful for that. This one came close, thanks to a jab at Logan Square's "know-it-all" residents. Two anonymous commenters picked the site of a 1910 postcard as Logan Boulevard. That's wrong, it's actually distant Grand Boulevard (now MLK Drive) at 35th Street. But we see the similarities. It's unlikely that the majority of our readers—Loganers among them—hangs in the GB or knows its history intimately. And neighborhood pride can cloud judgement. In the early 20th century, Grand Boulevard/Bronzeville (Bronzeville had yet to be coined) was a fairly new and prosperous area, developed in earnest during and after the World's Columbian Exposition. It had yet to contend with white flight, 'towers in the park' (i.e. Lake Meadows and Prairie Shores), and disinvestment. As you see above, the streetscape south of 35th retains its old character. If you haven't been down this way, do visit. The intersection is as sharp a dividing line between preservation and urban renewal as exists in the city.
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