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The Five Most Expensive Multi-Unit Rental Listings in Chicago

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Renters Week is winding down. Happily, we won't be dealing with this population's wants and needs for another whole year (just kidding). For our last major feature we shot to the top of the rental market and brought back the five priciest listings from multi-unit buildings. Four are condos and one is a long-term lease for a bitchin' Drake Hotel spread. We only consulted MLS-listed properties. There may be and probably are city rentals out there that are pricier still. Alas, there's always a world beyond our reach. What we've got below is more than enough to boggle, mesmerize, and/or induce gags.

5) Our most accessible top-o'-the-market rental might also be the most livable. The high-floor 4/4 unit is a pretty straightforward 4,000-square-footer with hardwoods, fireplaces, a non-palatial yet comfortable kitchen, and a battery of floor-to-ceiling windows. The best aspect of this place, on its face at least, is the four balconies (none of which are pictured). The building is full-amenity, with pool, fitness center, sun deck, and 24 hour door staff. So how cheap is it, Curbed? $15,000/month. Yikes.
·Listing: 55 E Erie Street #3203 [Prudential Rubloff]

4) If you had $15,000/month to spend, would your search end here? The broker insists this is "Chicago's ultimate residential address," and it's possible. The building is short in stature but squished right up to the lake for some quality unobstructed views. No square footage is give for the unit in question, but it seems rather diminutive for the price: three bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, and no outdoor space. Finishes are spot on and there are custom built-ins up the wazoo. Wet bar, jacuzzi, solarium, and gourmet kitchen are all accounted for. This definitely falls in the category of "prestige" rental.
·Listing: 840 N Lake Shore Drive #401 [Prudential Rubloff]

3) For all the buzz the Waldorf (formerly Elysian) or Park Tower hotel residences generate, long-term stays in luxury hotels are nothing new. The Drake has posted high-flying tenants in its upper floors for ages, from "princes to ambassadors". One such unit, a 4,000-square-foot 4/4.5 penthouse has "breathtaking North lake views", curvaceous ceilings (however low), fine finishes, and access to all hotel amenities. That unit is newly available for $18,000/month.
·Listing: 140 E Walton st. #952 [Prudential Rubloff]

2) We spotlighted the "criminality" of this rental listing over the summer, wondering aloud at the $21K/month asking rent for a 3/3.5 Gold Coast condo. It's still on the market, for $19,500, and, on second inspection there's admittedly much to like. The loud English country cottage theme is actually pretty awesome, as are the cathedral ceilings, billiards room, wet bar, gym, music room, marble master bath, and 20' x 40' roof terrace w/ outdoor kitchen. The duplex occupies the top two floors of an 11-story vintage building. 6,000 square feet ain't half bad, either. A commenter on the previous post points out that the Gold Coast has seen rents at or above this many times before, and it is true that astronomical rents aren't that astronomical to some.
·Listing: 1244 N Stone St. [Jameson Sotheby's]

1) Oddly enough, we just blogged about this Loop penthouse two days ago. Having noticed its borderline languishing as a for-sale property, listed at $5.25M, it showed up at the top of the page in a priciest rental search. The 5,250-square-foot unit hovers above Millennium Park and the best of downtown. Our commenters piled on ridicule of the 4-bed 57th floor unit for its dull finishes and crazy $1,000/sf asking price. Just think what the $25,000/month asking rent will do for its popularity!
·Listing: 130 N Garland Court #5702 [Baird & Warner]