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'Architectural Showplace' More Like the Mad Workings of a Syphilitic Brain

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We don't rely on Craigslist for anything other than a good time, and we hope you're not overly dependent either. The fun lies, of course, in the classified forum's de facto role as social laboratory. To that end, we culled a small batch of silly, strange, and ludicrous ads from the rental pages. Craigslist Power Hour starts right now.

Now this decor is really outta left field. See any other apartments with a dozen parasols fastened to the dining room ceiling? Half of the photos in this CL roommate wanted post are from a past Christmas time, unless that's just how this madman keeps the place. Festive holiday decor would explain away some of the moves, but what about the disco ball? In all honesty, we like this place and find it hard to imagine you'd get a bad roomie in this 40-something art museum professional.