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Poll: Which Tale Is Most Persuasive in its Horrors?

Ready to span some more time with the four sound detailings of renter horrors published throughout the week? After brushing up on the submissions, come back to this page to cast your vote for most horrific. The stories are as follows: "A flooding rain on the 18th floor", about rudderless high-rise living; "Gathering storm in picturesque Lincoln Park", wherein five years worth of neglectful management manifested to an absurd degree; "Pigeon mites send renter running for the hills", about waging a brief losing battle with bedbug-like parasites; and "Leaky gas and sucky locks in Logan apartment", chronicling a near-disaster and its fallout. Remember, a month's rent is at stake for these brave souls so give it some thought. The poll will be open for 24 hours; voting irregularities will be strictly policed (yeah, right). Best of luck to our finalists!

Poll results