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Pert Edgewater SF Enters the Rental Market for $2,850/month

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Finally! An owner of a great home in a great neighborhood who's not out to gouge the renting public. Any devoted market watchers will have witnessed the blanket rent hikes around town over the last couple years. Some asks are really egregious. With a budget of, say, $2,850/month you wouldn't expect to get much more than an two- or three-bed apartment in a desirable area. Gorgeous 3/1.5 American foursquare homes with a backyard, fire pit, pergola, garage, porch, sun room, wood-burning fireplace, and 1,900 square feet of living space usually aren't in the conversation. But they are today. This rental is in the Magnolia Glen section of Edgewater, a couple blocks west of the Thorndale CTA station and a couple east of Andersonville's buzzing Clark Street. It's a potent enough score to make you think twice about buying.
·Listing: 1328 W Thorndale Ave. [@properties]