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Market Plays Rough With Modern 5-Bed In Glencoe

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Affirming the modernist repertoire of certain Chicago 'burbs, this 5/6 midcentury home really makes the most of its environs. The sprawling 9,500-square foot compound is perched atop a lakeside bluff in Glencoe, producing some pretty devastating panoramas. But even with its many virtues, its tenure on the market has been quite the tortuous affair. Back in '08, it hit the scene with a devil-may-care ask of $6.9M. Four years and innumerable price drops later, it's fallen by nearly half to a sobering $3.299M. And with the latest drop coming back in August, we're pretty convinced more carnage is ahead. Inside, the place is loaded with floor-ceiling windows with views of neighboring woods. Add to the list spotted custom hardwood floors, 12-foot ceilings, a large fitness center, and a seemingly endless terrace overlooking the lake.
·Listing 10 Maple Hill Rd [@properties]