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Resurgent Bluewater 5440 To Offer High-Rent Edgewater Apts

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It's officially the season of comebacks, folks. An August announcement heralding the return of Edgewater's Bluewater 5440 slipped by us, but Skyscraper Page's Spyguy located a new set of high-quality renderings before things got too stale. These renderings are the works of Barcelona's F451 Architectura and Chicago's own Pappageorge Haymes. They're not the first generation, however. That distinction belongs to Booth Hansen (view that rendering here). The proposal originally called for 17 stories with 187 condos and duplex "beach houses". The approved version had been scaled down to 14 stories with roughly the same unit number.

As Edgewater Buzz reported in August, the developer (no mention of a change from Bluewater Companies) has been visiting with neighborhood groups recently, and not just for high tea. They're peddling a resurrected rental version of the old plan, with 190 units and 320 parking spaces. If that seems like a ghastly and reckless ratio, Spyguy will tell you it has something to do with a deal struck with a neighboring development to share spaces. Purportedly, that brings the ratio closer to 1:1. Design-wise, you can see some European contemporary influences in the scale and modular construction. It's not attempting to be a towering shard, but a serene and respectful neighbor. That podium-top pool is pretty boss, though another SSP user remarks that it'll get shade most of the day. Rents are the other thing of note: reportedly aiming for $2.50/sf, this will be a reach for Edgewater unless the units are really something special.
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