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Buy and Build in President Obama's 'Gated' Community

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If the standard vetting process is too much for you, don't even give this property a first thought. It's the empty lot bordering President Barack Obama's Kenwood home! Fun fact: corrupt political financier Anton "Tony" Rezko was the one-time owner. There's no telling the extent of background checks, interviews, and crosswise glances you'll have to endure. Nor is the asking price for the faint of heart: $899K for a 50' x 150' corner lot. Shoot, a 17-room, 6,000-square-foot home on the other side of Obama sold for just $1.4M a couple years back.

According to the @properties press release, the lot's seller planned for a 8,000-square-foot custom mansion a few years back. No word on why it never got built, but perhaps it wasn't such a prudent long-term investment. Should you wield a similar conceit, the architectural drawings will be offered up in the transaction. So, if you're keen on rare investments with questionable returns—one of the "rarest of the rare in real estate"—look no further than Obamaland, "the world's ultimate gated community."
·Obama's Chicago Next-Door Neighbor Sells House [Zillow Blog, 2010]