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LP Victorian Sells For $760K Despite Dreary Living Room

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The low sale price should've tipped us off that something was amiss inside this 5-bed Victorian on a prime Lincoln Park block. From the charming exterior, we'd never expect to happen upon this ramshackle living room. It looks like it hasn't been graced by the sun for the better part of 30 years, giving new meaning to the word dingy. The wood ceiling and vintage fireplace have plenty of promise, but we're finding it hard to warm up to the wood paneling and gloomy draperies. We wish we could say things get better from there, but save for the stained glassed windows and a big ole library, the 121-year old home needs a whole lotta lovin'. And since the owners got this one for the bargain basement price of $760K (it was listed as high as $897K), here's to hoping they have enough dough left over for a full-scale reno.
·Listing: 2666 N Orchard St [Prudential Rubloff]