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Simple 4-bed Atop Historic Beachfront Building Asks $127K

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It's time for Curbed's biannual South Shore shout-out. OK, we're not exactly sure how often we visit the lakeside nabe, but it ain't all the time. This time around, a spacious four-bed co-op atop a Nationally-landmarked vintage lakefront building summoned our gaze. The largest four-bed in the building at 1,550 square feet, the unit features numerous large windows, a snazzy living room, and a very pacifying monochromatic paint job. Despite the "complete rehab" which brought in new carpeting, lighting, laundry, and kitchen, the paint is peeling away on one of the bedroom walls. Still, hard to complain with an asking price of just $127K. The assessment is $1,255/month but covers taxes and the building's major asset: a private beach for lounging and frequent partying. Dig in!
·Listing: 7321 S South Shore Dr. #11E [Urban Search Corp.]