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Latest Wolf Point Renderings Splash Onto The Scene

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It was only yesterday that we promised to hook you up with the latest Wolf Point renderings as soon as they surfaced. We didn't think it would happen so fast, but what else can you expect from renderings maestro, spyguy, who posted them last night at Skyscraper Page. In comparing the old and new plans, we're not seeing much of a difference in the massing of the towers (recall that the south tower's design had been altered so that it tapers as it rises). But it is apparent that a lot more greenspace has been incorporated into site, particularly at the riverwalk, which was widened by 20 feet. In the rendering we chose as the cover photo, south point and its dramatic "urban veranda" are visible. There are also plenty of contextual shots that show just how the trio of buildings will fit in with the existing cityscape. And how about that close-up of the intricate facade details? Enjoy the purdy pictures!
·Revised Site Plan with Lots of Tweaks Presented For Wolf Point [Curbed Chicago]
·User spyguy at Skyscraper Page []

Wolf Point

350 W Mart Center Drive, Chicago, IL 60654