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Probable Pre-Fire Home To Be Demolished On Near West Side

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Of all the chat-happy urban development and architectural forums, Forgotten Chicago's attracts users with some of the most fine-grained intel. One topic that's been chewing up vertical space over the last couple days is the impending demolition of what's likely a pre-Fire home on Warren just west of Damen. Records have it as an 1891 structure, but the forum's sleuths have dug up documents and clippings that suggest it could date to the 1860s (minus the boxy additions). The style points to a pre-Fire era, too: rare "Appalachian Italianate" as one user calls it, and "Chicago Greek Revival Style" according to another. Flickr user and Curbed Chicago photo pool contributor Brule Laker posted a set of photos documenting the weathered home on the eve of its demise. A recent estate sale at the property alerted people to its scheduled demolition, and a contractor salvaging window frames pegged it for today. Its removal will free up side-by-side lots for something potentially larger— the structure at 2028 W Warren (to the left side of the above 2006 photo, owned by the same family) is no longer standing.
·Pre-fire House at 2024 W Warren to be demolished [Forgotten Chicago]