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Preservation Watch: Rahm Drops Bomb on Old Prentice

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The Mayor has broken his silence and placed his forceful allegiance with Northwestern Medical Center in the Old Prentice preservation debate. In dramatic fashion, Rahm Emanuel penned a Tribune op-ed earlier today. In the Mayor's words: "My position is guided by the belief that we should constantly strive to build a better future. As we have throughout our history, every time Chicago rebuilds, we build a stronger, more global city.... It is clear that the current building cannot accommodate the groundbreaking research facility that Northwestern needs to build, and I support the decision to rebuild on the site." Mayor Emanuel has clearly bought into the notion that Northwestern must build on the site of Old Prentice, as has Ald. Brendan Reilly. And also, that they have a real and urgent intent to build anything at all. Expect a furious rebuttal from certain corners of civil society in the hours and days to come. [Trib, previously]

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