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Uptown Garden Unit Sports a Most Unusual Hot Tub

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At first glance, this Uptown garden unit is like any other: low ceilings, dim lighting, claustrophobic. On closer inspection, a "30 x 6 professionally landscaped private garden with hot tub, dry bar, and accessory lighting" sets it apart. It's cool enough that such an amenity would belong to a one-bed in a multi-unit building, but it's exceptionally awesome that it's squeezed into the oft-neglected passage between buildings. What are those ads on the "L", again? The average distance between Chicago houses is 26 inches? This space is more than twice that! Still, all credit to the pros for making the hot tub work. It's even sheltered for all-weather use. Hopefully, the window it's pressed against is of the same unit. We do know that entry is right off the bedroom. Other than this spectacle, there's nothing to report. Just buy the place. How much? $169,900.
·Listing: 4625 N Malden St. Unit GN [Hometown Real Estate]