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Luxury Real Estate

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Care to own a "timeless country estate" that "speaks to all that is luxe"? And how about rivaling the square footage of Michael Jordan's Highland Park mansion? At 25,000 square feet, this under-construction 7-bed South Barrington home won't actually touch MJ's old lair, but still. The builder is Joel Elias, whose reputation was either bolstered or destroyed by having a home featured on Teen Cribs. The broker is Jason Pietrucha of Koenig & Strey, and it's his epic boldface proclamations that brighten our day: "MASTER ARTISANS FROM VINTAGE HAVE CREATED FORTY ROOMS OF VISION-EVOKING HARMONY AND DISTINCTION. A CREATION THAT WILL ILLUMINATE THE MIND AND HEIGHTEN SENSES WITH ENDLESS SOPHISTICATION AND DEPTH, YOUR TOUR AWAITS TO EXPERIENCE THIS TOUR DE FORCE". What beats that, we'd like to know. The ask? $16.9M. [Homes of the Rich]