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Studio Gang Renders New Writers' Theater Building in Glencoe

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Studio Gang has been on the payroll of Glencoe's Writers' Theater since July 2011, when the firm was commissioned to redesign the theater company's new hub in downtown Glencoe. This is the first conceptual sketch we've seen, brought forth by Skyscraper Page's Spyguy and the Wall Street Journal's recent interview with Jeanne Gang. We love the transparency, the hilly approach, and the catwalks faintly represented, although it's hard to know what exactly is embracing those trees in the foreground. The site's slight elevation means passerby can peer up into the glass-walled atrium/theater with its bleacher seating to glimpse live productions. That's more than a nominal interaction with the community. All-in-all, it's reminiscent of Gang's fabulous Brick Weave house in West Town.

Another SSP user heard there was to be a pub built into the new theater, but NIMBYs shot it down. Go figure. With this flashy project at hand, the nationally-renowned Writers' Theater will consolidate its productions in a single home. That should help it vie for an even bigger regional audience. We'll keep an eye on developments.
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