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Compact Fisher Studio Duplex Fetches $240K

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Somehow, someway, some of the cheapest Gold Coast real estate can be procured at the architecturally awesome Fisher Studio Houses. Though the Andrew Rebori-designed duplexes can make for difficult living spaces (limited direct lighting, odd room shapes, spiral staircases), they're still duplexes and they still offer no less than 700 square feet. At least a couple of these smaller units have been listed recently in the $250K range, and one has just sold: Unit 10, for $240K. This unit doesn't bear as much Edgar Miller ornament as some, but it does have a two-story glass block window for above average natural light. The buyer also scored a wood-burning fireplace, elegant spiral staircase, marble bath, and courtyard patio. Not your average get.
·Listing: 1209 N State Pkwy #10 [4 Sale Realty, Inc.]