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The Five Least Expensive Properties in River North

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It's been a few months since our last installment of least expensive properties, and the bargains are piling up! Today, high-rent River North is getting its due. While Streeterville, Lincoln Park, The Loop, and other ritzy destinations feature a pretty wide spread of price points for many types of buyers, River North has nothing in five figures— at least not on MLS. Beyond that, your options for sub-$200K real estate are largely limited to Marina City with a few outliers. And you can forget about one-beds. The three cheapest on the list belong to Bertrand Goldberg's affordable icon. The others are starters at two nearby towers. Let's find out if any are livable.

5. 630 N State St. #1704
Asking Price: $182,500
Size: Studio
The Skinny: A "large convertible studio with separate sleeping area" means this dark dwelling is closer to one-bed status than the others. The separation is achieved by a two-pronged living area allowing the bed to be somewhat tucked away. The unit has hardwoods, new kitchen appliances, and a balcony. And it ain't ground-level either! Also, the building offers a good spread of amenities.

4. 70 W Huron St. #2210
Asking Price: $180,000
Size: Studio, 650 sf
The Skinny: This studio also runs on the larger side, and does well to separate the kitchen. Speaking of which, it's a very nice cooking space with lots of cabinets. A bright space, the unit also delivers hardwood floors, new appliances, and a balcony. The building comes through with a sun deck, which gives it an edge over its slightly more expensive predecessor.

3. 300 N State St. #3324
Asking Price: $162,000
Size: Studio, 500 sf
The Skinny: This really seems like the worst deal among the Marina City listings. It's on a respectably high floor, has received recent remodeling, and comes fully furnished, but, apart from the leather sofa, we wouldn't want any of the stuff. And no imagination went into the remodeling whatsoever. One more complaint: it's smaller than the cheapest unit rounding out our list.

2. 300 N State St. #2427
Asking Price: $154,900
Size: Studio, 500 sf
The Skinny: Now this has some 'tude! Rebuilt with Brazilian hardwoods, cherry cabinets, designer kitchen, and floor-to-ceiling windows, the place has a desirable glow to it. Balconies are standard issue at Marina City, and the fact that this one is mid-floor and NW-facing may depress the price a little.

1. 300 N State St. #4727
Asking Price: $140,000
Size: Studio, 600 sf
The Skinny: The cheapest MLS-listed River North property also looks like the most fun. But we're biased towards kitsch, greenery, and especially kitschy greenery. The very lived-in space doesn't have the kitchen and bathroom upgrades of the previous units, nor do its floors shimmer. But it's listed as having slightly more space than the others and a 47th floor perch. That makes the NW views much more spectacular.