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Juicy Chicago Ave Development Parcel Deserves Expert Care

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Please Build Here is a fun rubric tailor-made to complement Curbed's wandering eye. Basically, it gives us an excuse to ogle vacant land and dream. For each neglected property we'll tussle with development options, focusing on the most plausible or, sometimes, just our favorite.

Almost directly across the street from the site of Fifield Co's new 63-unit residential proposal at 1822-50 W Chicago Avenue, another sizable development plot has just been cleared. Curbed passed by the rubble-buried plot yesterday, but alas, we weren't carrying our camera. At one point bundled as five lots for $2M stretching west from Wood, three for $1.2M seems about right. And they're the three at the corner. The one-story medical supplies building pictured above was razed earlier this week. More low-profile retail could take its place, but the site is also highly attractive for another potential use: low-rise condominium or rental construction with ground-floor retail.

Chatter on Skyscraper Page suggests Walgreens had interest in a drive-thru location, but the Chicago Avenue Pedestrian Street designation may say otherwise. Similar rumors emerged in the speculative period prior to Fifield's rendering reveal for the former AAA site, so we're expecting no letup in the application of the Pedestrian Street guidelines. Another speculative exercise is contained in the above rendering done by Colliers International some time ago. Take it with a grain of salt. To whom it may concern: Please build up this hot corner with mixed uses. As the broker says, "there's nothing comparable on the market today in the fastest growing neighborhood in Chicago."
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