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High-Floor, High-Tech Near North Condo Struggles to Sell

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This Viagra Triangle high-floor combo unit has basked in the limelight before, in an HGTV feature highlighting its "spectacular style, ease of technology and breathtaking views". Well, the spotlight is back without the accolades. Deep into its second listing span, this "awe-inspiring high-tech" 3-bed condo has spent a total of 18 months on the market. And all that time hasn't passed without carnage. Initially asking $2.8M in February 2009, the latest price chop has us looking at $1.699M. That's still more than double the 2006 sale price— presumably before its splashy custom makeover. What's so splashy about it? For starters, there's extensive use of "rare onyx" finishes and inlaid wood floors. Then there's the gourmet kitchen, luxurious baths, built-in seating, and 'smart home' features which include one-touch A/V system, lighting, and electronic shades. The nerve center for all this is the state-of-the-art media room in which "absolutely no expense was spared". The home is a fusion of four small units into one 3,400-square-foot, 45th floor "sanctuary in the sky". But as we've seen here and elsewhere, language doesn't sell property.
·Listing: 1030 N State St. #45G [Koenig & Strey]