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Surprise! Tower Plan Returns to Illinois & Franklin

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The Chicago Architecture Blog is sharing the exciting contents of an email from Ald. Brendan Reilly: that a stalled River North tower is back in action at 212 W Illinois Street. Approved in 2007, an agreement was reached under the city's Adopt-a-Landmark program for former developer JDL Acquisitions to get extra height in exchange for rehabbing a historic firehouse at the corner of Franklin and Illinois. The city granted 26 stories, 280-feet, 188 apartments, and 176 parking spaces. According to Ald. Reilly, new developer Illinois Franklin Associates is calling for 25 stories at a height of 250 feet and will preserve the number of residences and parking spaces. There may or may not be a green roof, bike parking, and elevated dog-run. The architect is Hartshorne Plunkard. Big news? Sure. But the blog piece illustrates how the development would stand to lose its approvals entirely if work doesn't commence by the end of 2013. Lo and behold, groundbreaking is expected this winter. Read on! [Chicago Architecture Blog]