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One-Time Home of Pullman's Chief Architect Lists for $1.1M

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Solon Spencer Beman may have built Pullman, but he chose to live in far more palatial digs a few miles north. The architect behind the historic factory town, commissioned by George Pullman, executed the varied building designs while landscape architect Nathan Franklin Barrett took care of the streets and park spaces. Beman was also big into Christian Scientist churches, of which he designed more than a dozen, and you get more of that classical influence in his own home in the heart of Kenwood. The stately 6-bed was built in 1892 and enjoys a big setback from 49th Street, barricaded by trees. The colonnade is the one thing most explicitly borrowed from Christian Scientist churches of the day. The interiors are majestic in kind until you stumble upon the newer greenhouse kitchen. We're not saying it's junk, it just doesn't jibe too well with the antique-y living and dining rooms. Other niceties: two wood-burning fireplaces, 12-foot ceilings, period light fixtures, front and back yards, and a six-car garage. We're guessing the need for so much parking came long after Beman's time. New-to-market, the initial asking price is $1.1M.
·Listing: 1030 E 49th St. [Coldwell Banker]