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Ask On Sprawling Lake County Mansion Down To $3.995M

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We're not sure what's more impressive: the sheer size of this suburban palace or the blazing speed at which its original ask has hit the floor. It's so enormous you need aerial photography just to capture the extent of the 17,000-square foot home, which meanders endlessly through a 4-acre spread. It was listed for $6.5M when we visited last May, only to plunge all the way to $3.995M after a battery of price chops. The listing informs us that we've got a "motivated seller" on our hands, so motivated, in fact, that they'll even consider some kind of property swap. We'll tip our hat to the set of free-floating staircases, which curve through the great room. The 5/8 mansion is also good for a pool, tennis court, movie theater, exercise room, and hot tub. Shuffling on and off the market, will this latest drop finally end the carnage?
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