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Apartments Planned For West Loop

Just days ago, we brought you news that a Vancouver-based developer had snatched up two properties in River North with plans to build apartment towers. Now, it's the West Loop's turn. Not that the increasingly-popular hood hasn't seen it's share of action. After all, two recently-approved highrise projects, one at Adams and Halsted, the other at 1. S. Halsted, are set to add another 843 rental units to the market. This time, it's Enrico Plati of Savoy Development, still smarting from recent a foreclosure suit, who's in the process of purchasing a vacant 26,000-square foot parcel at Jackson and Jefferson, where he hopes to construct a 240-unit plus apartment building. Whatever the final height may be, we'll just be glad to see that ugly surface lot bite the dust. [Crain's, by subscription]