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What's Available at the Reconstructed Francisco Terrace Apts?

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After reading Chicago Magazine's brief discussion of Frank Lloyd Wright and early models of subsidized housing, we wondered what might be cooking at the reconstructed Francisco Terrace apartments. Built in Oak Park by Benjamin and Harry Weese in 1975 in the loose mold of Frank Lloyd Wright's Francisco Terrace in Garfield Park, the 17-townhome compound held onto the decorative terra cotta archway salvaged from the original prior to its 1974 demolition. Sullivanesque in some respects and utilitarian in others, the 1895 Francisco Terrace was one of two small-scale Wright-Edward Waller collaborations (the other being the still standing Waller Apartments). The original had 40+ units structured as affordable housing.

The quest for on-the-market Francisco Terrace properties brought us this 3-level, 3-bed unit, listed for $289K. That's a fair amount of home for the price, but no longer is Francisco officially subsidized. The graceful, vertically-oriented living spaces are built around a wooden spiral staircase that shoots you up to a roof deck. The updated kitchen boasts a marble floor, and one of the bedrooms pairs drum kit with baby crib (no practicing during nap time!). Rather rent? Another comparable unit is available for $2,530/month.
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