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Reenergized Landlord Brings Back 8-Story Lakeview Rental

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Resurrected residential developments are just about our favorite thing, even more than hotel or office recovery. That's why news of a salvaged plan for eight stories of studio apartments at the bustling corner of Broadway, Clark, and Diversey has us all aflutter. The 57-unit proposal, shelved five years ago in a miserable economy, will cozy up to the much bulkier 600 W Diversey, of the same owner/developer. Ald. Tom Tunney's (44th) office has confirmed the reactivation of the project with approvals in hand, reports Andy Ambrosius of the LakeView Patch. Formally an extension of 600 W Diversey, also known as Lincoln Park Plaza (not to be confused with this development of the same name), owners are waiting on the departure of Walgreens for which there is no specified date.

While some neighbors may rail against concentrated studio rentals in view of their homes, the intersection could use some tightening up—single-story pharmacy buildings just don't cut it at the Lakeview-Lincoln Park border. Walgreens had the option of reoccupying the new building, but opted to expand into the vacated Border's building across the street. Hopefully that opens doors for small local businesses. Need tangible proof that development is about to get under way? The Patch reports that the west windows of 600 W Diversey have already been blocked.
·Retail, Residential Development Back on After 5-Year Delay [LakeView Patch]

Lincoln Park Plaza

2661 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614