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Jeanne Gang Crafts Bold Design To Save Prentice Hospital

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In throwing his support behind the demolition of Prentice Hospital, Alderman Brendan Reilly left some wiggle room, telling the Tribune: "If there's a eureka moment, I'm all ears." Well, that moment may just be here. Enter Jeanne Gang, who is channeling her creative genius into a novel solution to save the endangered brutalist gem. The award-winning architect and MacArthur Fellow has designed a 680-foot tower that would gracefully cantilever over the old hospital. It would allow for the skywalk connections Northwestern University has said are crucial for its new research facility. And with the elimination of a 1980's addition, Gang has transformed Prentice's base into an airy structure capable of housing 250,000-square feet of space for medical offices and classrooms. No word yet on whether Northwestern is receptive to the idea of building atop Prentice. Check back for more updates!
·A Vision to Avoid Demolition for a '70s Pioneer [New York Times]
·Photo: Studio Gang Architects; Illustration, Jay Hoffman [New York Times]

Prentice Women's Hospital

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