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For $3.3M: Big Boy New-Build Leads With Remarkable Atrium

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The listing agent for this overwrought Mediterranean mansion at exclusive Lakeview subdivision "The Estates" loosed a tidal wave of brokerbabble on prospective buyers in an attempt to activate imaginations. Thing is, the pictures kinda do that all on their own. Whilst "entertaining under the stars in [the] glass atrium", your staff can "cook in a gourmet kitch fit for the most discriminating chef". Or, do all the work yourself. See if we care. Other highly evolved activities include "watching movies in the great room", "playing in the rec room", and "working out in the exercise room". Mind blown. But the icing on the cake is surely the "master that puts 5 star hotels to shame", and our friend the star-lit atrium. It's quite an outstanding enclosure, with a lot of character for a new-build. Registering five bedrooms and five baths, this 7,800-square-foot mansion also has a library, marble foyer, terrace, and heated 3-car garage. Such glorious wastefulness! The ask? $3.295M.
·Listing: 1746 W Surf St. [Coldwell Banker]