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Care Required: Big Potential in Edgewater Single Family

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On the market since September, this attractively situated Edgewater single fam is just west of eclectic North Broadway a half-mile from the northern terminus of the Lakefront Trail. Not a bad place to drop $360K, especially when it buys you a four-bed frame home. Word is the place has "good bones", but the fixer-upper stamp still befits it. The TLC demanded is confined to the attic, basement and perhaps the kitchen (suspiciously off-camera). The funky, telescopic, linoleum-laden attic yields 5th bedroom possibilities, but, for average families, would be more apt as an office, man/mom cave, or place to deposit the fiendish tots. As with many homes in the area, porches are valued. There are two of them, plus a jumbo yard. Who's game?
·Listing: 1449 W Granville Ave. [Coldwell Banker]