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Celebrity Real Estate

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Former Mayor Richard Daley has had a flurry of real estate transactions in the last couple of years, spurred by his vacating of the throne and death of wife Maggie. The Daleys left their four-level townhouse at the South Loop's Central Station development last year shortly before Maggie's passing, opting to rent instead. Richard Daley has since moved to a smaller Near North rental, according to The Tribune's Bob Goldsborough. And the word today, via a Trib exclusive, is that Daley has sold his non-listed (and hence, vaguely described) townhouse to daughter Nora for $750K. That's nearly twice what he dropped on it in 1993, but still represents a good deal in today's market. And, between father and daughter, who knows where the money originates. Speaking with Goldsborough, Daley referenced the many memories tied to the home— good incentive for keeping it in the family. [Trib]