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Development Update: Tower of Pizza Hut

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Over at Ashland and Division, a permit to "install caisson and foundation only for new 11 story 99 unit residential building with 3 empty commercial tenant spaces on 1st and 2nd floor" has just been issued. It refers, of course, to the recently approved "Tower of Pizza Hut" (nicknamed for the Pizza Hut it's supplanting). The news was posted on Everyblock and repeated on Skyscraper Page. Chicago's reigning poster child for creative transit-oriented development, the rental development miraculously grew in density and shirked parking while navigating community meetings and official approvals. Presuming a full construction permit is soon follow, the building, along with prospective commercial tenants Intelligentsia Coffee and PNC Bank, should do wonders for a splayed-open and cheapened Polish Triangle. [Everyblock, previously, Rendering: Wheeler Kearns Architects]