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Carol Moseley Braun Sells 'Professors Row' Home for $1.2M

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Ex-Senator, past mayoral and presidential hopeful, and lawyer Carol Moseley Braun has just sold her Hyde Park home at a big loss. On the market for two-and-a-half years with a starting ask of $1.9M, Braun paid $1.7M in 2006 for the charming 5-bed, a member of "Professors Row". The foreclosure-threatened short sale closed for $1.205M. The home's simple, elegant vintage features—leaded glass, unpainted woodwork, wood-burning fireplaces—are mostly intact (apart from the kitchen, descendant of a different generation). Back in November 2012, when the listing went public, we mused on what possible influence getting mugged in front of your house might have on desire to sell. Braun, however, has always denied such an influence. Alas, that's moot now. Finishing fourth in the 2010 mayoral contest (she didn't even medal!), this sale is also far from a victory. As Braun told Dennis Rodkin back in 2010, "I'm not into 'buy high, sell low.'" The good news, for Braun fans: she's committed to Hyde Park.
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