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An Assertive Rooftop at Burnham's MDA Chicago Apartments

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Here at Curbed we've seen our fair share of lux Chicago real estate, but little compares to the insane panoramic views offered at the Daniel Burnham-designed and newly converted residence, MDA Chicago Apartments. For Open House Chicago, the building generously opened up its Sky Park and Sky Club to the public. The mixed-use conversion of Burnham's 1910 beaut, which includes an Elephant & Castle pub and Pastoral, a foodie paradise, "is helping to animate a formerly gritty stretch of Lake Street," according to Open House literature.

We weren't really sure what we were getting into when we walked into the oriental themed, red-soaked lobby. There was a brief snafu with the elevators and a heated discussion over whether to ascend to the 24th or 26th floor. We put the debate behind us once in the regal space: the Sky Bar boasted classic industrial style piping, a fireplace, and enough seating for a building-wide gala. Already impressed with MDA's ability to make lime green walls look classy, it didn't take much to launch us into real estate euphoria when we saw the postcard skyline views. Crossing to other side of the Sky Park, we stumbled upon real live grass(!), a hot tub, and a zone of respite from the city streets below. There was no respite from Trump Tower, however, shimmering nearby in its way too large glory. There's consensus on one thing: the Chicago skyline sure does look better from on high.

—Arabella Watters

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