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Survive a Renter Horror? Curbed Could Pay Your Rent!

Citizens of the Chicago, we know many of you have rabidly disgusting/disturbing/unforgettable stories about awful landlords, tenants, roomies, and rental apartments. If so, Curbed wants you. Coming soon: Curbed's second annual Renters Week, five glorious days of renter-centric content. We'll be covering everything from the rental climate and price comparisons to Craigslist oddities and nightmarish renting scenarios. That's where you come in, dear readers. Starting now, please send us your renter horror stories for entry into a Curbed Network-wide Renters Week contest. The rules are simple: we'll collect 'em all and put the best up to a vote. The local winner will face off against other worthy Renter Horror Stories from Curbed city sites in a massive poll hosted on Curbed National. The national winner—brace yourself—will claim one glorious month of gloriously free rent funded entirely (and jovially) by Curbed (up to $2,500). If your story is from eons ago and/or you no longer rent, Curbed will still put money in your pocket. Our tipline's officially open, so send your tales pronto!