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Happening 3-bed Abode Lists for $400K in West Town

It wouldn't be hard to produce some devastating indictments of this West Town contrivance, but this time we'll subscribe to the "don't knock it til you've tried it" school. For one, despite a half-baked attempt at disjointed angularity, this 3-bed remains pretty livable and largely inoffensive (from the inside). Triangular windows dance around, for sure, but the rooms retain their right angles. Needless to say, the living room's 20' vaulted ceiling and window concentrations bring in tons of light. The multiple landings and glass block windows are cool too (though the basement could use proper ones). The place also registers a jacuzzi, gourmet kitchen, and a rear deck and yard. And, it's decidedly inexpensive for the neighborhood. $400K gets you a newer, sizable, freestanding single family at Hubbard and Ashland. Our educated guess: the precise location teams with a bizarrely specific appeal to suppress price. It's nice being close to Grand and Chicago Ave commercial strips, but not so nice being one of three homes on the block in a semi-industrial corridor with a rail yard for a neighbor. Life's riddled with tradeoffs, huh?
·Listing: 1617 W Hubbard St. [Koenig & Strey]