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Launches & Releases: A Finalized Cultural Plan

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel has released the final draft of the 2012 Chicago Cultural Plan. It's ostensibly the culmination of months of local public (and foreign) consultation and Rahm wants you to love it. There are scores of initiatives, but here are some central priorities: 1) Equal access to arts education. 2) Expand reach of neighborhood arts institutions. 3) Attract and retain creative professionals in Chicago. 4) Connect downtown institutions with their neighborhood counterparts. 5) Expand public art and local cultural planning. 6) Foster cultural innovation. 7) Optimize city policies and regulations. 8) Strengthen Chicago as a global cultural destination (we're 10th on the list, behind mostly coastal cities). Chicago's Infrastructure Trust is intertwined as a vehicle for various projects, which raises transparency concerns. The Mayor is predictably juiced, introducing the plan as "bold, filled with actionable items that can be realized quickly and those that are aspirational and may take decades to complete." The plan itself is equally buzzy. We challenge you to geek out and read the whole dang thing. [Final CCP2012 Plan, previously]