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For $7,500: Kenwood Jawdropper Embodies Excess Sans Taste

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"Kenwood mansion or Kenwood palace?" Those are the semantics to consider as you try to figure out if $7,500/month is worth spending on this 8,500-square-foot butchery. Previously on the market for $2.45M, down from $3.2M in 2009, the place never sold. Is it any wonder when you tour the hokey interior treatments leveled on this 1893 five-bed? The color scheme sucks and the pink kitchen is immensely distasteful. Coffered and carved ceilings occur at random, and all of the home's lighting is inset. The facade's solid expanse of retrofitted window looks like a visor. There are some constants that can't be screwed up, namely the master bedroom with rooftop deck, stacked enclosed porches, and six granite fireplaces. We've no argument with the cherry plank flooring, jacuzzi, or home theater. A home of this girth in a fairly attractive area like South Kenwood could certainly go as advertised, but don't be surprised to see some give on the rent.
·Listing: 4750 S Drexel Blvd [Coldwell Banker]