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Golden Turban Revelry at the Racked Awards; PUBLIC Hotel's Studio 54 Bash; Taylor Kinney Without a Shirt

And now the latest from the shopping experts at Racked Chicago, reporting on everything you need to know, from the sidewalks up.

NEW YORK - The Racked Awards have been announced this week and to celebrate the super heroes of retail, we awarded these super heroes the fashion item that never ceases to be chic: the coveted Golden Turban.

GOLD COAST - The one and only former co-owner of Studio 54, Ian Schrager flew in this week to celebrate The Public Hotel's one year anniversary that took on a disco life of its own. There were wigs, frocks and a ton of familiar faces.

CLYBOURN CORRIDOR - Nordstrom Rack has officially announced that it is opening in Lincoln Park. We've got the deets and the rendering of what the store will look like.

THE BOOB TUBE - Lady Gaga's boyfriend and star of new TV show, Chicago Fire, Taylor Kinney took his shirt off. YAY.