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$300K in Cuts in Six Months for this Quaint 'Country' Cottage

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Red flags should have gone up back in March when this darling Roscoe cottage listed for 2.5x its 2002 sale price. Despite a remodeling and expansion, the home still retains its old footprint and registers a routine 2,000 square feet. We'll readily endorse its undeniable "country home" feel and its enchanting setback, deep in the pocket behind robust landscaping. And the new PriceChopped ask ain't bad either: $599K, down from $899K. The 1885 house offers four bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths (one very green, one very red), wide-plank hardwoods beneath carpeting, skylights, living room w/ vaulted ceiling, and a new kitchen. Perk: the neighboring 3,000-square-foot lot can be tacked on for $399K. Drawback: there's only one structure between you and the "L" tracks.
·Listing: 1805 W Cornelia Ave [Prudential Rubloff]