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Loyola Gets Down With Demo On Lake Shore Campus

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A friendly neighborhood tipster was kind enough to steer Curbed to the latest development in Loyola University's dramatic multi-year, multi-campus expansion plan (see here, here, here, and here for an idea). Commencing at any moment, a seven-story Loyola-owned vintage residential building at 6321 N Winthrop will bite the dust. According to Everyblock, a demolition permit for "total or partial removal of existing structure" has just been issued. Meanwhile, directly across the street, two squat institutional-like structures await their own demise. These properties, the former Chicago International Hostel (6318) and Wincrest Nursing Home (6326), once flattened will join with an intermediate vacant lot as new campus greenspace. Loyola recently bought the troubled properties. All of this makes sense considering this block of Winthrop sits at the center of the university's Edgewater campus. As of press time, we're waiting on a response from Loyola regarding the future use of the site at 6321 N Winthrop.
·Permit issued for wrecking/demolition [Everyblock]
·Wincrest Nursing Home, youth hostel to come down on Winthrop [Edgeville Buzz]