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Long Live Satire!

The Reader's Steve Bogira sticks it to Mayor Rahm Emanuel by spinning a fictional solution for a very real crisis: that Emanuel would award $10K to the neighborhood that can desegregate the fastest. Here's a taste: While disputing reports labeling Chicago the most racially segregated city ("I doubt we're even in the top two"), Emanuel acknowledged the city "had yet to achieve ideal diversity". The satirical article starts to gather steam when it notes that the "Race to Diversity" contest follows other more drastic considerations, like moving the Mayor to a foreclosed home in Englewood—a la Jane Byrne—for "as long as it takes—a week, ten days" (to achieve full integration). Of course, the mayor never would've transferred his kids from the University of Chicago Lab School to the local public school, Bass elementary, which is 99% black, 97% low income, and on probation. [Reader]